16 December 2009

Numero Uno.....

OMg!! First posting. Woot Woot!!
ummm...where to start?? well i guess i should introduce myself. Im. i.B33 pronounced (IB) lol. Of course that's not my gov't but who uses those anymore. I decided to start a blog because like most i have a lot on my mind and and sometimes don't have someone to express all these thoughts to. People tell me im complicated and hard to read so maybe this will help the world understand me more. Some post will be light hearted and funny others personal and deep all depends on they day. I love love fashion and clothes, music is my heart, and life is my joy. I hope you all enjoy comment spread the love and raise the roof like we in a snuggie commercial every time you visit my blog.


  1. welcome to the blogosphere. i look forward to checking for your thoughts.

  2. Welcome! We'll defintely be checking out your site! ;)

    ~Nina of *AF*

  3. Welcome. Hope your easier to read in your blog then U say u r in real life lol

  4. Love the posts!

    Check me out

    Become a follower!

    Thanks Ms. T

  5. thank you for visiting my site. check back soon. <3

  6. Check out my blog
    BRAG about it 2 ur friends an FAM.